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Introduction of

DAIA is a value based charitable NGO driven by the passion to be compassionate to our fellow citizens. (men, women and children) who are economically, socially, disadvantaged. DAIA works to establish and maintain HIV/AIDS care centres, welfare projects for the disadvantaged, especially women empowering them on the process, and giving them hope and putting back a smile on

their face. It strives to ensure that the children of the HIV/AIDS patients are well fed, properly cared for and their basic rights of education are met. DAIA provides training on planting and using natural medicines which is a key factor in providing a holistic health to include improving children’s morale through various means.

Children to Children Gifts Project

In the year 2016, we launched a project called “Children to Children Gifts Project” in Partnership with a reputed Charitable Relief Organization Samaritan’s Purse International. Samaritan’s Purse donates us these boxes packed by children with the help of their families of donor country and we undertake the responsibility of Importing and distributing them to needy children, irrespective of caste, color and religion. The purpose of this program is to provide a Gift Box to poor and needy children of India. The gift boxes contain soft toys, balls, School stationery like drawing books, pens, pencils, and some personal items like hair clips, combs, tooth brush, ribbon, socks etc. Oftentimes, poor children of our country do not have access to new toys in their growing up stage as their parents cannot afford to buy one for them. This project gives them back a little bit of their childhood and enables such children to get a gift box packet containing new items, specially packed according to their age group and gender delivered into their hands. One child, one box, once in a life time is one of the key principles we follow in these distributions. We implement this project in partnership with like minded and trust- worthy organizations in different states of India under the supervision of our State and Regional representatives.

Year 2016

In the initial Phase, in 2016 we imported 3,30,000 (Three lakh thirty thousand gift boxes) donated free of cost by children of USA by Donor Samaritan Purse and distributed them free of cost in 48 locations across 8 states spread across India under superintendence of Excise & Custom offices as per condition of Ad-Hoc Exemption order.

Donated boxes were well received by kids and families with love and affection. Their overwhelming and joyful response encouraged Donor, Samaritan Purse to continue to donate gift boxes to other poor & needy children during 2017 and 2018 who have not received in 2016.

DAIA, needy & poor children and families are grateful to Samaritan’s Purse & Honourable Board office of Ministry of Finance for grant of an Ad-Hoc Exemption order for 2016 for import of 3,30,000 gift boxes exempted from levy of Custom Duties.

Year 2017

For the year 2017, DAIA we have imported free of cost from Donor Samaritan Purse and distributed donated 3,75,000 (Three lakh seventy-five thousand) gift boxes in 53 locations across 8 states of India. DAIA and Children & families are blessed and grateful to Samaritan Purse and Honourable JNPT Commissionerate having allowed import of 375000 gift boxes against security to be released on receipt of an Ad-Hoc Exemption order from Ministry of Finance and distributed all adhering compliance based on 2016 order to the best co-operation received from Excise GST offices.

Year 2018

Donor, Samaritan Purse has informed and awaiting to send donated 4,16,000 gift boxes ready to ship for Indian children in April/May 2018. DAIA has applied to Honourable Board of Ministry of Finance for Ad-Hoc Exemption orders and will import on receipt of Ad-Hoc Exemption order for both 2017 and 2018 for regularisation of 2017 already imported and start new import in 2018 for distribution free of cost strictly as per compliance conditions of exemption

In closing, DAIA manages the distributions of gift boxes through 8 volunteer state leadership teams and 52 Volunteer Regional teams each consisting of 6 members, work within their communities to identify right local partner organisation,who in turn identify the needy children and request the appropriate number of gift boxes for distribution. Each volunteer team member is trained regarding the compliance procedure and documentation of the distributions they are responsible for.

Our Vision

Towards educated, self reliant, eco-friendly and healthy society.

Our Mission

Empowering community to improve their immunity and nutritional status by growing and using natural medicinal plants as well as preparing and using nutritional powder.

Children to Children Gifts Project
HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme
Solid waste management